Radiographic Examination (X-Ray) Electrical/Gamma IR-192

Radiographic Examination is one of the most popular NDT methods to detect defects in a wide range of products and assets.

Our highly credentialed technicians use X-Ray or Gamma-Ray sources to identify flaws in weld quality, castings, structures and composites.  Vital to quality control, radiographic examination reveals faults such as porosity inclusions and cracks that can lead to dangerous structural failure.

Radiographic Testing RT is sensitive to corrosion, changes in thickness, voids, cracks, and material density changes, and can detect both surface and sub-surface defects with minimum surface preparation required. RT is particularly useful in providing a permanent record of the inspection, documenting an asset before and after treatment and through various stages of its operational life.

RT is an option for both in-lab and on-site examination, and useful in quality control for a wide variety of applications including aircraft structures, boilers, castings, forging, machined parts, pressure vessels, structural steel, valves and components welds and weld overlays.