Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) Wet/Dry

Magnetic Particle Testing is an efficient NDT inspection technique that detects surface and near-surface inconsistencies available on-site or in our lab.

The Challenge technician will magnetize a ferromagnetic material and apply finely milled iron particles coated with dye pigment.  The particles indicate a discontinuity in the material by hovering in a cluster directly over it, visually detectable under proper lighting conditions.

Dry Powder and Wet Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Testing are used for finding surface/near-surface defects in ferromagnetic material.  MT requires a skilled technician to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant indicators.  Metal cracking, weld verification, and stress corrosion cracking typically require this NDT approach. Together with UT, Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) is a vital technique in our manufacturing plant and container crane inspection services.